Further reading
Verification and Validation
  Further reading: Requirements

Chapter 6 Software Requirements

Robertson, S. 2004. Requirements and the Business Case. IEEE Software, 21 (5), 93-95.

Egyed, A. and Grunbacher, P. 'Identifying Requirements Conflicts and Cooperation: How Quality Attributes and Automated Traceability Can Help'. IEEE Software, 21 (6), 50-58.

Sommerville, I. 2005. 'Integrated Requirements Engineering: A Tutorial', IEEE Software, 22 (1), 16-23.
Discusses new approaches to requirements engineering designed to cope with the need for more rapid delivery of software. An important point of the paper is that for more rapid delivery, we need to integrate the design and requirements processes.

Requirements Bibliography (Davis).
A comprehensive bibliography of requirements engineering publications.

Examples and templates for requirements documents
This link has many links to templates that can be used for requirements documents and other related documents.

Chapter 7 Requirements Engineering Processes

Daneva, M. 2004. 'ERP Requirements Engineering Practice: Lessons Learned'. IEEE Software, 21 (2), March/April 2004.
An excellent paper that discusses practical experience with requirements for ERP systems. This class of system is widely used but largely ignored by RE researchers.

Innovation in Requirements Engineering. Special issue of IEEE Software, 22 (1), Jan/Feb 2005.
Includes a number of good articles on new developments in RE.

Requirements engineering roadmap
A summary (2002) of the state of the art in requirements engineering

Requirements engineering, expectations management and the two cultures
A little-known paper presented in 1999 which discusses the importance of communications and presents what I think is a useful idea of simplifiers and complicators.

CREWS: Cooperative requirements engineering with scenarios
A site for a European project with several useful tech. reports on scenario-based RE.

Chapter 8 System Models

Introduction to UML
The OMG is the guardian of UML and their web site has lots of UML resources.

UML Center
A commercial site from a tool vendor but lots of links to introductory UML resources.

Entity-relationship modeling with UML

Data-flow diagrams tutorial
Quite a messy, commercial site but the tutorial is OK.

Chapter 9 Critical Systems Specification

Lutz, R.R. and Mikluski, I.C. 2004. 'Ongoing Requirements Discovery in High-Integrity Systems'. IEEE Software, 21 (2), March/April 2004.
Discusses changing requirements in spaceborne systems.

The Safety Requirements Engineering Dilemma (D. Berry)

Requirements Elicitation for Complex Safety-Related Systems (Bush and Finkelstein)

Engineering security requirements (Firesmith)

Chapter 10 Formal Specification

Glass, R.L. 2004. 'The Mystery of Formal Methods Disuse'. Comm. ACM, 47 (8), 15-17.

Formal methods virtual library (Bowen)

The LARCH specification language

Community Z tools (Open source tools for Z)


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