Further reading
Verification and Validation
  Further reading: Introduction

Chapter 1 Introduction

Should software engineers be licensed?' Special issue of Comm. ACM, 45 (11), November 2002.

Eischen, K. 2002. 'Software development: An outsider's view'. IEEE Computer, 35 (5), May 2002.
A social scientist looks at software engineering and compares software development with other disciplines and industries

Introduction to Software Engineering (wikipedia)

Software Engineering Body of Knowledge project (SWEBOK)

Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science

Software Engineering Ethics Research Institute

Chapter 2 Socio-technical systems

International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)

An introduction to systems engineering

MIT Open courseware: Systems engineering

Systems engineering in the systems life cycle

Chapter 3 Critical Systems

Boehm, B. et al. 2004. 'The ROI of Software Dependability: The IDAVE Model'. IEEE Software, 21 (3), 54-61.

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Yuan, Y. and Detlor, B. 2005. 'Intelligent Mobile Crisis Response Systems'. Comm. ACM, 48 (2), 95-8.

Centre for Software Reliability (CSR)

 Safety-critical Systems

Adelard publications
Various publications from a small consultancy specialising in critical systems engineering.

Facing up to Faults (Randell, Turing Lecture)

Safety-critical Systems Development (Johnson)

Reliability and dependability roadmap

Chapter 4 Software Processes

Bergstrom, S. and Raberg, L. 2004. Adopting the Rational Unified Process: Success with the RUP. Addison-Wesley.
Practical advice in introducing and using the RUP.

IBM's description of the Rational Unified Process

Process Models in Software Engineering (Scacchi)

An overview of process modelling (Snowden)

A survey of system development process models

Chapter 5 Project Management

Royce, W. 2005. Successful Software Management Style: Steering and Balance. IEEE Software. 22 (5), 40-7.

McConnell, S. 1998. Software project Survival Guide. Microsoft Press.
Good practical advice on software project management practice. However, it lacks a discussion on risks and how to handle them.

Christensen, M. J. and Thayer, R.H. 2001. The Project Manager's Guide to Software Engineering Best Practices. IEEE Computer Society Press.

Ceschi, M. et al. 2005. 'Project Management in Plan-based and Agile Companies'. IEEE Software, 22 (3), 21-7.

Risk management (SEI).
An introduction to a set of links on software risk management.

Project management tools
Rather a garish page but lots of links to different project management tools.


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