Further reading
Verification and Validation
  Further reading: Management

Chapter 25 Managing People

Boehm, B. and Turner, R. 2005. Management Challenges to Implementing Agile processes in Traditional Development Organisations. IEEE Software, 22 (5), 30-9.

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Limits on human information processing capacity
A classic paper (Miller, 1956) discussing how short-term memory size limits our ability to process information.

Workspace design for productivity

People capability maturity model

Chapter 26 Software Cost Estimation

Chiang, I.R. and Mookerjee, V.S. 2004. 'Improving Software Team Productivity'. Comm. ACM, 47 (5), 89-93.

Sawyer, S. 2004. 'Software Development Teams'. Comm ACM, 47 (12), 95-99.
Looks at the organisation of software development teams from the perspective of social structures. Discusses organisation around three archetypes - sequential, group and network. Interesting article but I'm not clear what it tells us in practice.

Jorgensen, M. 2005. 'Practical Guidelines for Expert-Judgement-Based Software Effort Estimation'. IEEE Software, 22 (3), 57-63.

Understanding software productivity (Scacchi)


Software cost estimation in 2002 (Capers Jones)

An overview of software estimation

Chapter 27 Quality Management

Tian, J. 2004. 'Quality-Evaluation Models and Measurements'. IEEE Software, 21 (3), 84-91.

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Software quality assurance resource center

Software metrics guide
A readable introduction but doesn't discuss limitations of metrics.

Software metrics roadmap
A summary of the state of the art in software metrics.

Chapter 28 Process Improvement

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The SEI's CMMI web site

The Immaturity of CMM
An article that questions the approach of measuring capability maturity.

Capability maturity models
Links to a number of different capability maturity models

NASA's software process improvement guidebook

Chapter 29 Configuration Management

The configuration management yellow pages
A very extensive set of links to CM resources

Software configuration management - a roadmap (Estublier)
A summary, written around 2002, of the state of the art in software configuration management. I think it was published in the proceedings of an ICSE conference.

Configuration management tools summary
A summary of CM tools, available in 2002.

The SEI's CM site
A site summarising the SEI's work in this area in the 1990s. Lots of good papers.

Serrano, N. and Ciordia, I. 2005. 'Bugzilla, ITracker, and Other Bug Trackers', IEEE Software, 22 (2), 11-13.



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