Further reading
Verification and Validation
  Further reading: Verification and Validation
22. Verification and Validation 23. Software Testing 24. Critical Systems Validation

Chapter 22 Verification and Validation

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Secure programming LINT (tool download)

The software inspection process

The SEI pages on software inspections

Chapter 23 Testing

Janzen, D. and Saiedian, H. 2005. Test-Driven Development: Concepts, Taxonomy and Future Direction. IEEE Computer, 38 (9), 43-51.

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Software testing resources and tools

An introduction to software testing
An introduction that covers the different stages of the software testing process.

State of the art report: Software Testing (PPT)

Chapter 24 Critical Systems Validation

Software reliability measurement

The Adelard safety case editor (download)

Safety arguments
A very brief introduction to safety arguments (with useful links)

Issues in safety assurance (SAFECOMP keynote, M. Thomas)



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