Further reading
Verification and Validation
  Further reading: Design

Chapter 11 Architectural Design

Software Architecture. Special issue of IEEE Software, 23 (2), March/April 2006.

An introduction to software architecture (Garlan and Shaw)
A classic paper on software architecture

Architecture description languages (SEI).
A collection of links to many different ADLs.

Software architecture resources

Design of software architectures

Why do we need software architecture?

Software architecture: A roadmap

Chapter 12 Distributed Systems Architecture

Gold, N. et al. 2004. 'Understanding service-oriented software'. IEEE Software, 21 (2), March/April 2004.
Discusses problems of understanding service-oriented software.

Elfatatry, A. and Layzell, P. 2004. Negotiating in Service-oriented Environments. Comm. ACM, 47 (8), 103-08.

An overview of client-server architectures

Sneaking up on CORBA: The Race for the Ideal Distributed Object Model

Web services tutorial

Pasley, J. 2005. 'How BPEL and SOA are Changing Web Services Development'. IEEE Internet Computing, 9 (3), 60-5 (May/June 2005).

Chapter 13 Application Architectures

Pan, A. and Vina, A. 2004. 'An Alternative Architecture for Financial Data Integration'. Comm. ACM, 47 (5), 37-40.

Smith, M.A. 2004. PORTALS: Towards an Application Framework for Interoperability. Comm. ACM, 47 (10), 93-97.

Domain-specific architectures
Contains links to several specific application architecture designs

The architecture of transaction processing systems

Business architecture description
Rather different from other papers on architecture in that its focus is on business architectures rather than software architectures. Clearly related however.

Chapter 14 Object-oriented Design

Model-driven Software Development. Special issue, IEEE Computer, 39 92), February 2006.

Meservy, T., Fenstermacher, K. D. 2005. Transforming Software Development: An MDA Roadmap. IEEE Computer, 38 (9), 52-9.

What is object-oriented design

Building bug-free OO software

Object-oriented analysis and design using UML

Design principles and design patterns

Chapter 15 Real-time Systems

A Java technology overview for the embedded Linux market

Simple Real-time Java

Software Engineering for Real-Time: A Roadmap

Linux as a real-time operating system

Chapter 16 User Interface Design

Go, K.and Carroll, J.M. 2004. 'The Blind Man and the Elephant: Views of Scenario-based System Design'. ACM Interactions, November/December 2004, 45-53.

Alertbox: Current Issues in Web Usability (Neilsen)

First principles of interaction design

Free software supporting UI design and use (Univ. Maryland)


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