The 9th Edition of my textbook on Software Engineering was published in March 2010. This is a major revision of the previous edition with extensive reorganization and 30-40% new material. See the preface for details of the changes and the contents list for information about the book's structure.

This website provides a range of supplementary material to support the use of the 9th edition of my textbook on software engineering. The book has been designed to be closely integrated with the web and, as well as the web sections referenced in the text, I have also made some chapters 'web-only'. More general material on software and systems engineering teaching and research is available from my professional web site and blog. This includes links to specific courses on critical systems engineering, large-scale complex IT systems and socio-technical systems. I regularly blog on this site about software engineering topics as well as more general commentary on technology.

I also have a personal web site with information about my interests outside of work.

If you are using an earlier edition of my book, the web sites for the 7th edition and the 8th edition are also available.

Software Engineering, 10th edition

The 10th edition of Software Engineering will be published in Spring 2015 and I am no longer updating this website. More information is available including links to a new case study and videos on the 10th edition website

Web chapters

These are additional chapters (Chapters 27-30) that are available on the web only. These cover formal methods, application architectures, interaction design, and documentation.

Instructors guide

Information for instructors interested in using the book for teaching. This includes discussions of possible course structures and links to quizzes and solutions to selected exercises.


Powerpoint presentations for all chapters in the book. Available in pptx format. Should be compatible with Open Office but I have not tested this on all platforms.


All of the figures used in the book. In EPS format within Powerpoint slides. Available in pptx. You may use these to create your own presentations from chapters in the book.

Case studies

Additional information about the case studies used in the book and other case studies that illustrate software engineering issues.

Sample chapters

Chapter 1 and Chapter 21 are available online as sample chapters.

Web sections

These are additional sections that are referenced from within chapters, which add extra information to that chapter. They are not really intended to be stand-alone units.


These are errors in the first printing (2010) of the 9th edition. I hope that these will be fixed in later reprints.