February 2011

List of reported errata/typos current in 2010 printing of the 9th edition. Many thanks to people who have emailed these to me.

Page 50/line 16 and line -8. 'Krutchen' should be 'Kruchten'.

Page 54/line 10. 'Krutchen' should be 'Kruchten'.

Page 55/line -11. 'Krutchen' should be 'Kruchten'. [Obvious systematic spelling error here]

Page 72/line 2. 'paid' should be 'pair'

Page 120/line 1. 'Krutchen' should be 'Kruchten'.

Page 135. Figures 5.14 and 5.15 have been switched. 5.14 should be replaced by 5.15 and vice versa.

Page 136. Transition in Fig 5.16 from Operation to Waiting should be labelled 'Timer done'

Page 138/line 4. Reference to Figure 5.15 should be 5.16.

Page 181. Figure 7.3. Dat should be Data.

Page 697. Font size in Figure 25.12 should be reduced.