Software Engineering

The 9th edition of Software Engineering integrates paper and web-based material with links from book chapters to further information on the web.

Most chapters have additional sections (web sections) that add extra information to the material in the book. These are not intended to be closely linked to each other so the index here simply lists the web sections available for each chapter in the book.

  1. History of SE    
  2. Cleanroom    CASE     Structured methods
  3. Domain requirements     IEEE requirements standard     Natural language problems Feasibility studies     Viewpoints     Requirements reviews     Enduring requirements     Traceability
  4. UML     OO Req. analysis     Data-flow diagrams     
  5. Architectural patterns for control    Application architectures    Reference architectures
  6. Structured methods     Weather station use cases     Deployment diagrams
  7. Test planning     Debugging     Integration and testing     Path testing    
  8. Legacy systems    Documentation    
  9. Legacy systems
  10. Critical systems
  11. Safety life cycle     Security risk management    Formal specification techniques   Formal specification costs
  12. Dependable operational processes    Safety life cycle    
  13. Insider attacks     Denial of service attacks   
  14. Cleanroom     Reliability growth modeling    Regulation of software    Licensing of software engineers   
  15. Generator-based reuse    
  16. Problems with CBSE    Components and objects    
  17. CORBA
  18. Services and CBSE    
  19. Real-time Java    
  20. Viewpoints     
  21. People CMM    Hiring people    Physical work environment
  22. Overhead costs     Activity charts     Software productivity    COCOMO cost drivers    
  23. Documentation standards     Inspection process roles    
  24. Customers and changes     
  25. Analysis of process practice     

(c) Ian Sommerville 2008