Web chapters

As part of the revision for the 9th edition, I decided to shorten the book by leaving out a number of chapters. However, these chapters are available as web-only chapters for downloading, along with an extra chapter on documentation.

Chapter 27: Formal Specification

This is a slightly revised version of Chapter 10 from the 7th edition of my book. It introduces the idea of formal specification and discusses model-based and algebraic approaches. It is intended to give readers an understanding of the potential of formal specification rather than to teach the technique.

Chapter 28: Application Architectures

This is a slightly revised version of Chapter 13 from the 7th edition of my book. I wrote this chapter as it became clear when teaching software engineering that many students did not know how common types of application were structured.

Chapter 29: Interaction Design

This is a slightly revised version of Chapter 16 from the 7th edition of my book (where it was called User Interface Design). Interaction design is incredibly important but most computer science and software engineering courses now include this as a separate topic so it is not normally covered in SE courses. However, you may find it useful background reading.

Chapter 30: Documentation

Documentation is a forgotten and sometimes derided topic but you realise how important it is when you try and read some of the truly appalling instructions that come with some software systems. I have therefore revived a chapter that was included in earlier editions of SE and updated it for the 2010's. (Currently being updated. Draft available)