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Chapter 14: Security Engineering (PPTX)

Chapter 15: Dependability and Security Assurance (PPTX)

Chapter 16: Software Reuse (PPTX)

Chapter 17: Component-based Software Engineering (PPTX)

Chapter 18: Distributed Software Engineering (PPTX)

Chapter 19: Service-oriented Architecture (PPTX)

Chapter 20: Embedded Systems (PPTX)

Chapter 21: Aspect-oriented software engineering (PPTX)

Chapter 22: Project management (PPTX)

Chapter 23: Project planning (PPTX)

Chapter 24: Quality management (PPTX)

Chapter 25: Configuration management (PPTX)

Chapter 26: Process improvement (PPTX)

Download all figures as a zip file

Chapter 1: Introduction (PPTX)

Chapter 2: Software processes (PPTX)

Chapter 3: Agile software development (PPTX)

Chapter 4: Requirements engineering (PPTX)

Chapter 5: System modeling (PPTX)

Chapter 6: Architectural design (PPTX)

Chapter 7: Design and Implementation (PPTX)

Chapter 8: Software testing (PPTX)

Chapter 9: Software Evolution (PPTX)

Chapter 10: Socio-technical Systems (PPTX)

Chapter 11: Dependability and Security (PPTX)

Chapter 12: Dependability and Security Specification (PPTX)

Chapter 13: Dependability Engineering (PPTX)