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Case studies and examples help students understand real systems and supplement the material in the book. In my courses, I adopt a style of presentation where I try to supplement every lecture with some material from the case studies here or with other studies such as studies of automated road tolling or e-election systems.

In each of the following case studies, I provide a short description of the system, what aspects of software engineering that it can be used to illustrate and a set of links to further information about the systems. I haven't tried to standardise the material available because the applicability of the case studies varies significantly. The different material available reflects how I have used these in my teaching.

Insulin pump case study. More information on the running case study in the book.
Internet worm. An early example of a security failure where a large number of Internet servers were infected at a relatively early stage in the development of the Internet.
Ariane 5 launcher explosion. The Ariane 5 rocket failed on its maiden flight due to software problems. The inertial navigation system software failed and the rocket became unstable and had to be destroyed.
Airbus 340 flight control system. The Airbus flight control system was the first example of a fly by wire system for civil aircraft. This study discusses the structure of the system and how diversity and fault tolerance is provided.
London Ambulance Despatching System. This despatching system for emergency vehicles failed dramatically immediately after it went live. The case study explores the various socio-technical reasons why this happened.

The following links are to sites with case study information that I have only glanced at rather than reviewed. They may be useful:

Priya Narasimhan's site at CMU



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