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This is a legacy site that is no longer maintained. The contact address (ian attt given in the 8th edition is no longer operational.

The 9th edition of Software Engineering with major changes in structure and content was published in April 2010. Click here to go to the 9th edition website.

The 10th edition of Software Engineering will be published in April 2015. Click here to go to the 10th edition website.

My professional blog and web site is Systems, Software and Technology; My personal blog and web site is

The 8th edition of my textbook presents the general overview of software engineering where I concentrate on practical approaches that are used for developing large and complex software systems. The first six parts of the book introduce software engineering and discuss software requirements, design, implementation, verification and validation and software management. These are unchanged versions of the corresponding parts of the 7th edition of the book so, for information on these, see the 7th edition website.

The final part, new to the 8th edition, introduces three important advanced topics:

Chapter 30: Security engineering where I discuss how to security can be engineered into an application system.

Chapter 31: Service-oriented software engineering where I explain the benefits of developing software as interacting services and introduce methods and techniques for service-oriented system development.

Chapter 32: Aspect-oriented software development where I introduce this new approach to software engineering which enhances the maintainability and evolvability of software systems.

Users of the 7th edition can easily upgrade to the 8th edition. Chapters 1 to 29 are unchanged. The 8th edition is therefore 100% compatible with the 7th edition which means that courses developed using the 7th edition need not be changed in any way and the new topics may be introduced as required.

On this website, you can access Powerpoint presentations for all of the chapters, sample chapters and additional material on formal methods and software maintenance and evolution, case studies, and my suggestions for further reading. Instructors teaching a software engineering course can gain access to solutions to some of the exercises, quizzes for class tests and some suggestions for software engineering projects.

New material for instructors. I have suggested syllabuses for courses in software engineering, advanced software engineering and critical systems and have prepared presentations to cover all of these syllabuses.


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