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Powerpoint presentations, including all of the diagrams in the book, may be downloaded from this page.

The presentations may be used by instructors teaching courses in software engineering. They have been designed for use in conjunction with the book so are not complete courses in thermselves. I have no objections to people modifying them so long as you credit the source. You may also put these on your own server if this is more convenient for students.

I have prepared these using white text on a blue background as this is supposedly more readable when projected. If you prefer, dark text on a light background, you can download an alternative Powerpoint design from here. This has been designed to be consistent so text should stay the same size, etc.

Font substitution problems. The diagrams in my book use a font called Formata which is not installed as a standard on all machines. Diagrams in the slides are exactly the same as in the book (they have not been redrawn) and, if you do not have the Formata font installed, Powerpoint will substitute the closest available font on your machine. This does not always work properly and text can be compressed or expanded. There is nothing I can do about this as I cannot predict what font will be substituted and I do not have time to redo all of the diagrams using a standard font. Generally the font substitution is quite good and when problems arise these rarely make the text unreadable.

Thanks to Manual Sequeira for the Portuguese version of the slides.

Download zip of presentations of Chapters 1 to 29 (PPT). This file is about 20 MBytes.

Download zip of presentations of Chapters 30 to 32 (PPT).

Download zip of presentations of Chapters 1 to 29 (PDF). This file is about 25 MBytes. Sorry, no dark text on light background available in PDF.

Download zip of presentations of Chapters 30 to 32 (PDF).

Chap. 1 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 2 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 3 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 4 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 5 (PPT) (PDF)  
Chap. 6 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 7 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 8 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 9 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 10 (PPT) (PDF)  
Chap. 11 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 12 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 13 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 14 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 15 (PPT) (PDF)  
Chap. 16 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 17 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 18 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 19 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 20 (PPT) (PDF)  
Chap. 21 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 22 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 23 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 24 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 25 (PPT) (PDF)  
Chap. 26 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 27 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 28 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 29 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 30 (PPT) (PDF)  
Chap. 31 (PPT) (PDF) Chap. 32 (PPT) (PDF)        


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