Ian Sommerville 2006
Mission control system (NASA)


Since moving to St Andrews, I have deliberately focused my research on a smaller number of areas. Projects that I am currently working on include:

Social analysis for system engineering
This project is concerned with exploring a range of socio-technical issues and their influence on systems engineering. Currently, we are focusing on system security from a socio-technical perspective. Finished in September 2008.

A follow-up to DIRC which is concerned with socio-technical issues in system dependability. We are focusing in this project on responsibility modelling and how it can be used in dependability cases.

Large-scale Complex IT Systems
A collaborative project, whicg started in Autumn 2007, with Bristol, York, Oxford and Leeds Universities. We will be looking at socio-technical issues in the context of large, complex organisational IT systems. Our focus in this project is on socio-technical issues that affect the resilience of systems and that reduce the time to value for enterprise systems.

A collaboration of researchers from Edinburgh, York, City, Newcastle and Lancaster (now St Andrews) which was the first major project to look at dependability from a socio-technical perspective. A very successful project that finished in 2006.