Ian Sommerville 2006
Mission control system (NASA)


The overall goal of my research is to develop methods, tools and techniques for understanding, specifying, designing and implementing dependable, complex systems. I am particularly interested in socio-technical systems where the system dependability is not just dependent on correct software but also on how the system fits with human, social and organisational activities.

Socio-technical systems have been the theme of my research for many years and I was amongst the first researchers to explore how to use methods from the social sciences to develop a deeper understanding of how people and computers deliver dependability. I was a partner in the DIRC consortium which focused on dependable systems design and am now working on two projects, INDEED and LSCITS, that are continuing this theme. Follow the projects link for more information on these projects.

I have recently developed an interest in cloud computing, which I believe will be an important new paradigm for enterprise computing systems. I have been involved in the creation of StACC - The St Andrews Co-Laboratory for Cloud Computing.