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There is so much published material available on the web, in journals and magazines and in conference proceedings that it is impossible for anyone to read it all. I have tried to avoid simply including links to web sites that I have not read.

Rather, I only include links to published articles that I have read and to web sites where I have reviewed the material as both relevant to the book and of reasonable quality. I have mostly avoided links to web sites that are simply Powerpoint presentations. However, for some topics, these are the best that is currently available and so I have included them.


The material here has been included for its instructional value. Neither the author nor Pearson Education Ltd offer any warranties or representations in respect of its fitness for a particular purpose. No liability is accepted by either the author or the publisher for any loss or damage arising from its use.  The dynamic nature of the web means that it cannot be guaranteed that all links will work. Please let me know of problems and (if possible) I will try and fix them.