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Chapter 30 Security Engineering

D. E. Geer. The Evolution of Security. ACM Queue, 5 (3), April 2007.
This is a nice overview of how its important to trade-off risks and costs in making decisions about security.

Organizing Security Patterns. M. Hafiz, P. Adamczyk and R.E. Johnson. IEEE Software, 24 (4), July 2007.
There have been several proposals for Security Patterns (defining good security practice) and this article discusses some of these security patterns and how they can be organized and used.

Ross Anderson's Book on Security Engineering
A comprehensive and readable discussion of security issues. This is the full text of his book.

Wikipedia entries on computer security and security engineering

Internet security overview
A collection of links to different aspects of Internet security.

Towards a secure system engineering methodology

Chapter 31 Service-oriented Software Engineering

The Untrustworthy Web Services Revolution. K. Birman. IEEE Computer, 39 (2), February 2006.
This article discusses the need for services to be trustworthy and suggests that existing technologies are to adequate to guarantee service dependability. He highlights the need for a debate on what is required to deliver services that can be trusted.

J. Spohrer, Maglio, P., Bailey, J. and Gruhl, D. 2007. Steps towards a science of service systems. IEEE Computer, 40 (1), 70-77.
A forward-looking paper looking at the importance of services in the economy and how we need to develop service-oriented thinking.

Comprehensive wikipedia article on service-oriented architecture.

Requirements process for SOA projects
One of three articles from IBM's website discussing the issues around requirements for service-oriented systems.

IBM Systems Journal. Special issue on service-oriented architecture
This has a number of papers, mostly by IBM authors, on service-oriented systems engineering. The papers on the business aspects were particularly interesting.

Chapter 32 Aspect-oriented Software Development

IEEE Software, January/February 2006. 23 (1).
This is a special issue with a number of articles which discuss practical experience with aspect-oriented programming and an article discussing early aspects - how aspects can be used in requirements and design.

A comprehensive wikipedia article on aspect-oriented programming.

An aspect community wiki with lots of links to tools, research etc in AOSD.

AspectJ home page.

A look at aspect-oriented programming
A good starting point for a number of articles on aspects and aspect-oriented development on IBM's web site.

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